Lotto Playing to Win E-Book

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Included in the book are 30 criteria for choosing numbers, based on probability, use this information to pick numbers that are more likely to be drawn.

Then put those numbers into one of the purposely designed systems found in Part Four of the book.

By playing to win more prizes more often you will increase your probability of winning a jackpot and make a small profit along the way




This book has been written for those who wish to improve their chances at Lotto, whilst keeping their investment to a minimum. If you want to win the lotto you have to play smarter and more often, that way you will sometimes win, and sometimes you will not win, but you will never lose.

  • The first rule is to be realistic about your chances of winning.
  • The second rule is to be aware of scams and “secret systems” or methods that guarantee you will win millions – they are all rubbish.
  • The third rule is “That which is most probable happens most often, and that which is least probable happens least often”.

Winning smaller prizes more often while waiting for the big one makes a lot of sense and is far more likely to happen. Furthermore, it is the lotto companies’ policy to reward you occasionally. They deliberately have those lower division prizes to give you back a bit of money every so often, to keep you playing.

After all, anything you win is something you didn’t have before, and your goal should be to continue having fun with the lottery so you have the ability to spend affordable amounts on tickets over a long period of time.

Sometimes just breaking even, or winning enough money to buy lunch for you and a friend, is good enough when it comes to the lottery.

As I’ve explained in this book, there are criteria and a few simple rules you can follow to create strategies of your own, to make sure you’re a bit more likely to win a few dollars the next time you play.

Using a balanced lotto wheel with carefully selected numbers can give you a minimum win guarantee that no other strategy can offer. Minimum win guarantee is the smallest prize you are guaranteed to win if you meet the winning number requirements of the wheel.


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