Global lottery sales exceed $300 billion per annum, and huge amounts in jackpots are paid out every week. However, 91% of the money paid out is paid to those of us who only match 4 or 5 of the winning numbers.

The purpose of my book is simply to show you how to win more of those small division prizes on a regular basis … while waiting for the big one.

Some people spend huge sums of money on ‘secret systems’ that the seller guarantees will win you millions in the lottery. Honestly these systems are all rubbish. If their ‘so called’ systems worked and allowed you to plunder millions from the lottery, they would not have to try and sell them on the internet.

No one can accurately predict the winning numbers in any lottery draw. Furthermore, there is no lottery software product on the market that can do so either. Like the vast majority of commercial gambling aids, they are mostly dubious and the ones that are not outright scams are almost certainly misguided.

To get rich from the lottery you have to be among the very lucky big winners and their secret for winning is just called random chance, so ‘hope to win and expect to lose’ is a good maxim. Playing the lottery is a game of chance and should therefore be looked upon as a form of entertainment, not as a source of income, so make sure ‘you bet with your head, not over it’.

Let me also assure you that, no matter what anyone may tell you, there is absolutely no system or strategy that can accurately predict the winning numbers in a lotto draw, because it is mathematically impossible

So please do not think this is a book of strategies on how to win a jackpot because such a strategy does not exist. However, you will learn that winning at lotto is not merely a matter of luck, and by having the right information you will be able to create game strategies of your own.

The book is the result of many years’ experience in creating lottery systems, structured using combinatorial mathematics and the theory of probability. In recent years, I have had the assistance of computer programming and an extensive database of lotto results for testing the systems I will present to you.

In case you’re wondering, the answer is no, I have never won a jackpot – just like most of us, I am still waiting.

I am a retired Engineer and over the past 14 years, I have won several major prizes and hundreds of smaller prizes, valued at far more than what I have outlaid. My success is due to regular playing and the use of a few good systems, plus of course persistence and an obsession with lotto.

Most of us focus on winning the jackpot, whereas the focus should be on winning smaller prizes that only require 4 or 5 winning numbers. The beauty of this approach is that every game you play you increase your chance of winning a jackpot, and meanwhile you may even get your money back.

Winning more prizes more often, while you are waiting for the jackpot, makes a lot of sense. The answer is to use systems and strategies that lower the odds against you, and to ensure you are more likely to win a few dollars, the next time you play, you should be using a wheeling system

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Lotto is a game of chance and chance is measured using probabilities, so the probability theory, including the law of large numbers, is the only tool we have that provides us with some information about choosing random numbers

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